How to Feed a Rose

Feeding your roses will encourage strong, healthy growth and abundant flowering. It’s a relatively quick and simple task, yet is one of the most beneficial jobs you can do to ensure that your roses are at their most healthy and floriferous when summer arrives.

Our videos are filmed in the UK, and so some of the season timings mentioned will apply to the UK and some of the products featured won't be available in Australia. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, or contact your local stockist.

Why feed a rose?

Feeding provides your rose with key nutrients to keep it healthy, allowing it to produce better blooms and resist pests and diseases.


At the first flush of flower in spring, start of summer and start of autumn.


  • How to feed roses

    Step 1: Clear the ground under your rose

    Firstly, ensuring you are wearing your gloves, use your hand fork to remove weeds, old leaves and other debris from the base of your rose.

    Step 2: Sprinkle rose food around the base of the rose

    Sprinkle rose food around the base of your rose, using the measuring scoop provided. Spread the food evenly around the base of the rose, to the width of the canopy.

    Gardener's Tip: Do not be tempted to over-feed - this will do more harm than good

    Step 3: Mix the rose food into the soil

    Gently mix the rose food into the surrounding soil using your hand fork.

    Step 4: Water your rose

    If the ground is dry, water your rose. Follow with mulching.

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