Best for Fragrance

Roses are renowned for their delicious fragrances; however, some varieties are much more fragrant than others. Here we have highlighted the most fragrant roses in our collection. Their fragrances range from the classic Old Rose scent, to fruity, Tea, myrrh, musk or any combination of these elements. In general, the most fragrant groups of roses are David Austin’s English Roses, which have won many awards for their fragrance, and the true Old Roses.

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Brother Cadfael®
Charles Darwin
Claire Austin
Crown Princess Margareta
Crown Princess Margareta
Emily Brontë
Gertrude Jekyll®
Gertrude Jekyll®
Golden Celebration
Jubilee Celebration
Munstead Wood
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Scepter'd Isle
Strawberry Hill
Summer Song
The Poet's Wife
Wollerton Old Hall
Young Lycidas
Abraham Darby
Jude the Obscure®
The Endeavour