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David C. H. Austin

English roses grow very well in Australia. They make superb shrubs for rose borders and for mixed borders with herbaceous plants and other shrubs. With their very long flowering season – up to eight to nine months of the year – they will be the central focus of any planting scheme. Their soft colours harmonise beautifully with almost any other plants.

English Roses are not only notable for the charm and beauty of their flowers and their elegant growth, but also for their rich and varying fragrances. In this way, they are undoubtedly second to none. Among them, you will find not only the beautiful Old Rose fragrance, but the Tea Rose fragrance, the Musk Rose fragrance, the fragrance of myrrh – and a whole variety of other fragrances; indeed, no other group of flowers, of any kind, can rival them in this respect.

There is a wide range of varieties available, each with their very own distinctive character. However, many of the earlier varieties have been superceded by more recent varieties that are more free flowering, make more attractive shrubs and are more disease resistant.

Please select ROSES to see the range of David Austin’s English Roses widely available at good garden centres and supermarkets. A list of retail suppliers is available here for your convenience (this list is not exhaustive).