Encouraging a

Healthy garden

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies and other garden insects are integral to a happy garden and healthy roses. Plant roses to attract pollinators and encourage a healthy garden ecosystem. Not only will they do your plants good, they will also help to reduce pollinator decline by providing a supportive habitat for wildlife. Even the smallest urban garden can provide a haven for important insects just by planting a rose or two.

Pollinator Paradise

At our nursery in the Shropshire countryside we have a number of honey producing beehives set around our reservoir. These are part of our commitment to growing evermore sustainably, working continually to reduce our impact on the environment and surrounding wildlife. A happy hive of bees is important as it supports the natural pollination process which we, both as a planet and a business, rely on so heavily.
Pictured clockwise from top left: Tottering-by-Gently (Auscartoon), Scepter'd Isle (Ausland) and Comte de Champagne (Ausufo)