David Austin Cut Roses

  • A: Our cut roses share the same breeding heritage and exceptional quality and style as our garden roses. However, they have been created specifically for floristry with long, straight stems and large blooms that perform magnificently in arrangements and bouquets. Our cut roses are grown in greenhouses which means unlike garden roses, they are in flower all year round. Because our cut roses have been specially grown for floristry, they are not available to buy as garden plants.

  • A: Whether for your wedding or for a gift bouquet, you can special order David Austin cut roses through florists across the country. Your florist can order our cut roses through their usual wholesaler but if they need any support finding a supplier then they can get in touch with us by email cutroses@davidaustin.co.uk and we can support. We always recommend that you give as much notice as possible to your florist so that they can order well in advance.

  • A: We have a dedicated cut rose website, which provides details of each of the cut rose varieties including inspiration for weddings and special events: www.davidaustin.com You can also request a free brochure from the website and follow us on social media @davidaustinweddingroses.  We love to talk about our roses, share our passion, and, most importantly, help along the way. If you need any support please get in touch with us directly by email: ​cutroses@davidaustin.co.uk