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Skylark (Ausimple)

David Austin Recommended Variety

Category English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type
Hardiness Hardy
Repeating Excellent

It is always our desire to bring as much variety of form, fragrance and growth as possible to our English Roses and this rose is a good example. The flowers are semi-double and of open, cupped shape with prominent stamens. The colour is deep pink at first, later paling slightly to lilac-pink. At the centre of the flower there is a small white area. There is a light but pleasing fragrance – Musk and Tea with clove and a hint of ‘apple pie’! The growth is light and airy, building up into a natural, well-rounded shrub. An ideal choice for planting amongst other shrubs or perennials towards the front of a mixed border.

The name was suggested by Sister Elizabeth who remembers seeing and hearing a skylark when she first visited our Nursery.

3 x 2ft.