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The Mayflower (Austilly)

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A very healthy variety, bearing mid pink, medium-sized, Old Rose style blooms. They are held well above the dainty foliage and have a mediumstrong Old Rose scent. It forms a tough and hardy shrub with upright, bushy, twiggy growth. Named after the Pilgrims’ ship, to mark the launch of our first US catalogue. David Austin, 2001.

  • Family:

    English Shrub Rose

  • Fragrance Strength:


  • Flowering:

    Repeat Flowering

  • Fragrance Notes:

    Old Rose

  • Colour:

    Mid pink

  • Height & Spread:

    110cm x 90cm

Origin Of Name

We named this rose to mark the launch of our first American catalogue. The Mayflower was the name of the ship that took the Pilgrims to America.