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Strawberry Hill (Ausrimini)

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Beautiful at all stages, bearing small clusters of mid pink, medium-large, cupped rosettes. They have a strong, delicious myrrh and heather honey fragrance. The arching branches are clothed in glossy, dark foliage. Named after the gothic revival house in Twickenham, London, built by Horace Walpole. DavidᅠAustin, 2006.

  • Family:

    English Climbing Rose

  • Fragrance Strength:


  • Flowering:

    Repeat Flowering

  • Fragrance Notes:


  • Colour:

    Mid pink

  • Height:

    Up to 3m

Origin Of Name

Strawberry Hill is a beautiful gothic revival house in Twickenham, London, which was built by Horace Walpole, son of the first British Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole. He laid out a fine garden which, along with the house, has recently been restored.