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Sophy’s Rose (Auslot)

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Bears crimson-pink, rosette-shaped flowers; the petals are small at the centre and increase in size, by degrees, until the outer petals are quite large, resulting in broad, rather flat blooms. It forms an upright, bushy shrub with compact, twiggy growth. The beautiful elongated foliage gives the overall impression of airy lightness. Named after the daughter of the founder of the Dyslexia Institute. David Austin, 1997.

  • Family:

    English Shrub Rose

  • Fragrance Strength:


  • Flowering:

    Repeat Flowering

  • Fragrance Notes:


  • Colour:


  • Height & Spread:

    110cm x 110cm

Origin Of Name

Named after Sophy, daughter of Wendy Fisher, who founded the Dyslexia Institute in 1972.