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Scepter’d Isle™ (Ausland)

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This pretty rose bears numerous cupped flowers, each with yellow stamens. They are a lovely light pink, becoming paler on the outer petals, and have a powerful myrrh fragrance. It forms an elegant, upright shrub, its blooms held gracefully above the foliage. The name is taken from John of Gaunt’s speech, expressing his love for England, in Shakespeare’s Richard II. David Austin, 1996.

  • Family:

    English Shrub Rose

  • Fragrance Strength:


  • Flowering:

    Repeat Flowering

  • Fragrance Notes:


  • Colour:

    Light pink

  • Height & Spread:

    125cm x 125cm

Origin Of Name

The name comes from John of Gaunt’s speech expressing his love for England in Shakespeare’s Richard II.