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Evelyn (Aussaucer)

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‘Evelyn’ is better suited to the warmer climates of the US where it grows well. The blooms are particularly large and most attractive, the petals being beautifully arranged. The color is a glorious soft apricot, sometimes tinged with soft pink. It has few thorns. It has a wonderful fragrance, which is similar in style to an Old Rose, but with a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot

  • Family:

    English Shrub Rose

  • Fragrance Strength:


  • Flowering:

    Repeat Flowering

  • Fragrance Notes:


  • Colour:

    Apricot pink

  • Height & Spread:

    1.5m x 1m

Origin Of Name

Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes.