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Comte de Champagne (Ausufo)

David Austin Recommended Variety

Category English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Colour Rich yellow, paling to soft yellow
Flower Type Semi-double
Size Medium Shrub
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Honey and musk
Repeating Excellent
Special Characteristics 4 ft. x 3.5 ft.

‘Comte de Champagne’ has flowers of a rich yellow colouring which as they open, gradually turn to a pleasing pale yellow. They open to form a perfect open cup, with a ‘mop’ of stamens of deepest yellow; the whole providing a delightful range of colour on the bush at one time. The growth is wide, low and bushy, producing its flowers on slender, arching stems. There is a delicious honey and musk fragrance that complements the flower to perfection. Healthy and free flowering.

This rose is named after Taittinger’s finest champagne. The president of Taittinger, M Claude Taittinger, is a descendant of Thiabaut IV, Count of Champagne and Brie and who introduced R. gallica Officinalis (The Apothecary’s Rose) from Damascus on his return from the 7th Cruscade in 1250. He was a great lover of roses and wrote about them in his poetry.